penrith methodist youth

Thank God


...because it’s not all about you!

There are times in the week we specifically recognise God’s awesomeness throughout the history of the universe and in the present day.

We take time to express this as individuals and together as the people of God.
Sundays have a whole range of different worship options, because even though it’s not all about you, we do all have preferences!


Sunday Worship

Mostly you'll find young people at either the Sunday 10.45 or 6.30 service

10.45 - we have a time of contemporary worship songs all together as a church before there is opportunity to split into more age-specific groups – see the side menu to find what’s available for you
6.30 - we have a different style of service each Sunday of the month. This includes:

  • a cafe style service
  • one led by the youth
  • an open-mike service
  • a more traditional style service

Find out which one is on this week

An extra bonus to the 6.30 service, on top of the variety and experimental nature, is that afterwards there is Sunday Suppers


Of course Sunday isn't the only day to recognise that God deserves our thanks and praise. During the week there are opportunities to meet up with others in smaller groups where worship is on the agenda.