penrith methodist youth


Tuesday evening @ 19:30 (term time)

The Aims

  • An opportunity for young people in small groups to talk about issues that are affecting them in daily life (looking at it from a Christian perspective). 
  • For our young people to understand and develop their own faith supporting each other through the group.
  • For young people to encourage others to join in with groups; we create new cells when the groups get too big.
  • We encourage the young people to lead the sessions and eventually the groups.

How do we do this?


We will often choose an activity to break the barriers and discuss what has happened this week and look at how we can support each other.


This can be done in many ways by watching a DVD, sharing experiences, etc.


Each week we will have a topic and look at the Christian perspective and look at our own views.


Talk about what we will do the following week and how we will encourage others.

Who is it for?

Young people of secondary school age and above, they don’t need to attend a church.

We have often had single sex groups for the younger youth and join the groups together as they get older.  We try to arrange the groups to meet the needs of the young people.

Who leads the groups?

We have a selection of adults and young people who lead the groups but we do need additional help due to large numbers of young people we attract.

What successes have we had?

We have had many including:

  • supporting people to develop their faith
  • discuss issues affecting them like relationships, bullying, helping others, emotional stresses, etc
  • witnessing and inviting others to Christian activities
  • helping to develop confidence
  • developing leadership
  • both churched and non-churched young people are included.