penrith methodist youth



It is in the name - taken from John 8:32 'And you shall know the truth and the truth will set you free.'  Understanding the life and message of Jesus and how it can be applicable to our lives today.  Jesus said he was the truth, the way and the life - so how do we follow him and discover his truth for us.

How do we achieve this

We take time on a Sunday morning to discuss the relevancy of Jesus and his teaching for our lives today.  We explore this through story, bible passages and real life examples and illustrations.

Who is it for?

It is for anyone aged 14 to 18+ or for returning students.  It is a relaxed atmosphere around drinks and cake. 

How to get involved

Others can get involved by assisting the group leader or by leading a session on a rota basis.  Currently there are only 2 of us involved and so we are on the lookout for any new volunteers.  If you have a heart for young people and just want to aid the leader of the session then that is fine.  The young people are easily bribed by cake!! We follow various resources, so you don't have to plan it on your own.  Contact the church office for further info.