penrith methodist youth

Sunday Suppers

Suppers meets after church on a Sunday evening. The young person needs to attend the 6.30pm service and then they go to either the Bridge or someone's house.  The activity runs to 9:30.


The group aims to provide young people with an opportunity to relax after church and socialise. Through the informal discussions develop and challenge their faith.

Who is it for?

Any young person from secondary school age.


It is a relaxed group that will do various activities ranging from games through to discussions. There will always be food usually pizza and cakes.

When we meet at the Bridge we will use the facilities there.  Occasionally we will get involved in others activities e.g. BBQ by Ullswater and other church youth events.

Successes of the group

This can be seen in a number of ways:

  • Commitment of the young people to attend the church service and suppers, there are often more young people at the service then adults.
  • The feedback we get from the young people saying how much they enjoy it.
  • Watching the young people participate at suppers.
  • Relationships developing and deepening.
  • The conversations we have with the young people about faith issues, and life’s ups and downs.